Webinar: Effective Strategies for Legacy Product Life Cycle Management

Webinar: Effective Strategies for Legacy Product Life Cycle Management

September 23rd, 2015



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Webinar On Effective Strategies for Legacy Product Lifecycle Management

Zinnov has been closely studying the impact of modern technology trends on software companies with significant legacy product portfolio. Balancing R&D focus between legacy and new products is the most critical problem. We have defined innovative frameworks and best practices to manage legacy products enabling companies to accelerate new product development. These frameworks have been created by studying 25 top organizations and the approaches that they have used to manage legacy products.

This webinar will focus on three critical areas of Legacy product lifecycle management:

  • Which Products? – How to identify legacy products
  • What to do? – How to identify course of actions for legacy products – Defend – Extend – Kill 
  • How to do? – How to defend and extend legacy products – Evaluating AutomationGlobalisation and Partner options

Agenda :
Date : 
23rd September 2015
Time : 
11.30am  PDT

Speaker Profile : Bala Girisaballa , Partner and Practice Head

 Bala is an entrepreneur, advisor, and business leader with global experience. He has over 20 years of extensive experience in technology, product strategy, innovation & ecosystem, and business development. At Zinnov, he is heading innovation practice and associated with various prestigious consulting engagements.

Prior to Zinnov, he has been associated with Yahoo!, Oracle, Infosys, Altair Engineering and Asian Paints. At Yahoo!, Bala was responsible for founding and growing Yahoo! Entrepreneur Network, a group that focuses on building a strong result oriented innovation capability. The group facilitated new product development, adoption of ideas, and IP.

What will you learn in the session: 

  • Factors that impact product performance- revenue, technology, competition etc.
  • Understanding organizational constraints to legacy product lifecycle management
  • Effective approaches to legacy product lifecycle management
  • 5 key case studies of how global companies are management legacy products
  • Best practices and key success factors in managing legacy products.


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