We work with our clients in increasing their revenue from India & Growth Markets

Target Customer Identification

We help our clients analyze the landscape in a new market and clearly define their target customer base. We help narrow down to a distinctly defined target group that would provide the best product market fit for our customer in both the near and long term.

Need Identification & Solution Definition

We work closely with the product teams of our clients to understand the needs of the target customer groups. Often we work as an integral part of the team helping conceptualize ideas for new products or localize existing solutions to meet the needs of target customers.

Opportunity Assessment

We help our customers identify new Greenfield opportunities, while fine tuning the ones that already exist, based on current and future trends in the market. Zinnov helps companies profile the landscape, evaluate the competition play and identify potential opportunity themes at a vertical and customer segmentation level.

Business Plan and Go-to-Market Strategy

We work with clients to enable them to tap into the prioritized opportunity themes. We define a detailed go-to-market strategy, help in forming alliances and channel partnerships and develop a financial plan etc. for our customers as they explore growth in new markets.

Thought Leadership

We help our customers stay ahead of their competition and increase their mindshare in the market. Zinnov works with clients to create thought leadership whitepapers, research reports, technology adoption frameworks, host CEO/ CIO roundtables, and conduct workshops on the benefits of technology and its implications. The key outcome of most of these initiatives is that it has a wide impact on improving the technology I.Q. of emerging markets.

Account Review & Management

Zinnov Account Review and Management framework helps service providers to manage accounts in a holistic manner with repeatable processes and tangible results. Through this framework, measuring an accounts performance is now a reality. Account Review & Management framework provides for strategies, account intelligence, detailed account planning, stakeholder mapping and opportunity specific go-to- market recommendations.


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