Organizational Culture

Every organization has its own unique culture even though they may not have consciously tried to
create it. Rather, it must have been created unconsciously, based on the values of the top
management or the founders or the core people who build it and directed that organization. When an
organization is created it becomes its own world and its culture becomes the foundation on which the
organization will exist in the world. In essence, an organization’s culture is the repository of what its
members agree about. For large organizations there are issues around the development of subcultures
and the integration of new comers for merging organizations how to create a new culture in a
relatively artificial environment. The organizations can no longer just rely on their particular product or
service to set them apart from their competitors – today corporate culture is a key source of
competitive advantage. It guides the way employees think and behave around issues like quality,
customers, teamwork, innovation and decision making – all things that directly impact an
organization’s performance.

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