Key takeaways from Confluence 2016 – Munich

Munich Confluence focused on Automotive and Aerospace industries; was held in Oct ’16.

A.I. – Innovations for the Next Decade

How AI has evolved over the years and what to expect in the coming times

Digital Disruption in HR

A plethora of technology apps are used by MNC R&D Centres to provide an engaging experience to employees.

Building Next-Gen Digital Platforms

Zinnov’s Roundtable for Sonata brought together a plethora of digital enterprises to discuss the future of platforms.

Bay Area : Automotive Innovation Landscape

High growth has been seen in the innovation activity in Bay Area – both in large enterprises as well as […]

Upcoming trend : Business Continuity Planning

Increasingly having a BCP is becoming important for enterprises with a variety of different threats that may impact their business

Media & Entertainment : Outsourcing market size

Addressable PES & IT market stands to reach USD 92 Bn by 2020 in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Media & Entertainment : Outsourcing Landscape

Technology disruption is driving robust spend on PES & IT in the Media & Entertainment space.

Media & Entertainment Outlook: Market & Geography

Broadcasting is the most consolidated segment with top 10 M&E companies accounting for nearly 60% of the revenues from this […]

Virtual Reality : Disrupting the market

Global Virtual Reality market size is estimated to grow tenfold by 2020 to about USD 30 Bn; anticipating the surge, […]

Global Engineering Service Provider trends – 2016

Engineering R&D Service Providers are focusing on increasing their IoT and Digital capabilities by doing niche acquisitions in this space.

Media & Entertainment Outlook : 2020

New Media is expected to grow the fastest, while traditional sub-vertical of publishing is experiencing a downturn. Broadcasting remains the […]

How to Run a Hackathon

Quickly emerging as a growing trend in technology companies to promote internal innovation, implement latest ideas into prototypes and engage […]

Public Cloud Market – India Landscape

Public Cloud market is expected to cross USD 10 Bn by 2020; SaaS will continue to be the biggest sub-category […]

Key takeaways from Zinnov Confluence – July 2016

India’s largest technology conference, Zinnov Confluence – India Chapter, was held at Bangalore from 14-15 July 2016. It will now be held […]

The changing face of Indian consumers

Indian economy is expected to add trillion dollars to GDP in the next 5 – 6 years with per capita […]

Salary Increase, Attrition and Hiring Trends

The study saw participation from 50+MNC R&D organizations. Better career opportunities and increased competition from startups has forced attrition in […]

Employee Benefits Study 2015

The study witnessed participation from 40+ MNC R&D organizations. Companies have started leveraging a host of benefits in order to […]

A Day in the Life of SMBs

A comparison between Traditional and Digital SMBs in a non traditional way.

Indian Engineering Services Landscape

The Indian ER&D services grew by over 12% in 2014-15. US constitutes nearly 60% of this market. Telecom, Software/Internet and […]

Vertical Split of Market

BFSI, Manufacturing and Retail will drive the Digital Transformation market, their combined spend reaching over $85B by 2020


The number of Digital Technology-based startups have been growing at 26% CAGR (2000-2015), with over 40% of them focusing on […]

SP Snapshot

Over 70% of revenue flows in from Digital Application Engineering and Data Management & Analytics services

IP Focus

Service Providers are building Intellectual Properties across verticals and across digital horizontals

Global Enterprise & University Partnerships

Firms are leveraging academia talent and partnering with universities to foster digital transformation

Global EDT

A preview of the Enterprise Digital Transformation Market: Global Digital Spending & Growth and Service Provider Opportunity

Geo Split – EDT

An overview of geography-wise split of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Forbes 500

The share of Forbes 500 companies in Global Digital Spend accounts for 40% of the total spending

Engagement with Service Providers

Enterprises are engaging with digital service providers across multiple services with Advanced Analytics being a key focus area

Disruptive impact of Digital Technologies

The wave of digital disruption has engulfed us and the impact is being felt across industries.

Digital Talent

Despite growing at a CAGR of 24%, digital talent continues to be in a shortage.

Digital Platforms & Applications Landscape

An overview of the Horizontal and Vertical Digital Platforms Applications Landscape

Digital Labs

Digital labs are being set up by large global enterprises, and in 2015 alone, 65 such labs were set up.


CDO appointments globally have grown sharply in the last three years owing to the focus on digital transformation within large […]

Indian ER&D Landscape

India’s ER&D globalization and services market is witnessing monumental growth with Software/Internet continuing to be the dominant vertical.

Global Service Providers Landscape

An overview of the ER&D globalization and services market, addressed market and vertical-wise split of global service provider revenue

New Age Employee Benefits

Companies have started providing a host of benefits to its employees, as a means of retaining talent. Wellness programs, leave […]


DevOps provides competitive advantage to businesses through faster time to market by breaking down silos between business, development, testing and […]

Machine Learning

The What and How of Machine Learning

Startup Engagement Models

A look into Zinnov’s three-step value chain for engaging with startups

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has witnessed monumental growth in recent years, disrupting many a traditional business.

Startup India

The Startup India initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for the […]

The Startup Accelerator Playbook

Accelerators are becoming the wheels on which many budding companies are beginning to run. They are acting as a medium […]

Enterprise Digital Labs

To aid digital transformation, enterprises are setting up Digital Labs in geographies that have rich product capabilities.

Software Modernization for the Digital Economy

Software modernization has become a prerequisite for organizations to catapult themselves to greater heights.

A Day in the Life of SMBs

A comparison between Traditional and Digital SMBs

Building Technology Organizations of Tomorrow

The next breed of successful organizations will have an agile, digital and global DNA


A comparative analysis of the pros and cons of GICs and BOTs

Reasons for GIC setup

5 pressing reasons to establish a global inhouse center

GIC Considerations

A perspective on the top 10 factors to consider while setting up a Global In house center

Infographic – STPI and SEZ schemes in India

A comparison between the STPI and SEZ schemes available for enterprises to set up operation in India

Infographic – Operations Cost Benchmarking

Zinnov completed a comprehensive benchmark of R&D centers of Multinational corporations to derive insights of cost trends across 5 dimensions.

Zinnov featured in IAOP’s World Best Outsourcing List

Zinnov featured in IAOP’s World Best Outsourcing List

India Smartphone Market: Witnessing exponential growth

The Indian smartphone market has witnessed exponential growth in the past year propelled by key enablers

Infographic: PES landscape analysis ( Oct – Dec , 2014 )

The Billion dollar opportunity for Product Engineering Service Providers to be realized in the next 2 quarters.

Infographic: Enterprise Digital Lab

Enterprises are increasingly looking to set up labs in geographies with rich product development capabilities to drive the next leg […]

Infographic: 100 Smart Cities in India

An analysis of the opportunity for Technology companies in the smart cities space and point-of-view on the top cities that […]

The Indian Promise – Infographic

A strong and vibrant technology ecosystem with effective partnerships with startups, universities and service providers poses an exciting prospective for […]

Infographic: Technology Mega Trends

A look at the top technology megatrends such as Consumerization, Mobility, Cloud , Big Data and Machine Learning and their […]

Infographic: Internet in India is massive and growing

Internet adoption in India is growing at a phenomenal pace and is being diversified across devices and geographies.

Infographic: Startup Landscape

It is an exciting time to be a technology entrepreneur in India with favorable enablers such as venture capitalist sentiment […]

Impact of MNCs on the Indian Technology Product Startup Landscape

Prominent members of the Indian Multinational R&D center ecosystem are making waves in the Indian Technology product landscape .

Infographic: Grooming Architects In India

As Indian multinational centers look to add greater value to headquarters, there is a need to develop comprehensive technical career […]

Infographic: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

The Mangalyaan mission is a crowning exhibit for the technology innovations being built out of India.

Infographic: G500 CEO Study

An analysis of the leaders of the Top 500 Global R&D spenders and emerging leadership trends.

Infographic: Enterprise Digital Transformation

Traditional enterprises need to stay ahead of the disruptive innovations emerging in the digital era to remain leaders.

Infographic: Employee Benefits Study 2014

An analysis of the Benefits schemes prevalent within R&D sectors of the Multinational corporation

Infographic: Confluence USA 2014

The Bay Area leg of Zinnov’s Annual Thought Leadership summit Confluence saw representation from top technology firms and senior leaders […]

Infographic: Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT)

Digital Transformation involves driving business model transformation through digital technologies. Technologically Empowered Digital Native companies are disrupting the way business […]

Infographic: Confluence India summary 2014

The Bangalore leg of Zinnov’s Annual Thought Leadership summit Confluence saw representation from top technology firms and senior leaders from […]

Infographic: Atal Innovation Mission

The Government of India has set up the Atal Innovation Mission – a platform within the National institute of Transforming […]

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