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“No wonder this CIRCUIT FAILS, it says MADE IN JAPAN”, smirked Dr. Emmett Brown to which a perplexed Marty replied, “What do you mean Doc; All the BEST STUFF is MADE IN JAPAN”. This left Dr. Brown bemused over the incredibility of such a possibility. Of course this conversation took place in 1955, and Dr. Brown was right about Japan being a low quality manufacturer of cheap electronic goods then, but for a time-traveling Marty (who had traveled back to 1955 from 1985), this fact proves indigestible because he knows Japan as the undisputed leader in top quality products. This snippet from the famous “Back to the Future Trilogy” summarizes the transformation of Japan from a low quality cheap manufacturer to a technology leader in a span of just two decades and today it’s laughable to imagine that Japan was once considered a low cost destination

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