Enterprise Digital Labs

International Enterprises are increasingly looking to set up innovative digital labs in geographies with rich product development capabilities.

A Digital Enterprise is one that leverages customer, contextual and enterprise data and use new-age technologies to drive exponential business impact. Zinnov recommends a four step for all traditional enterprises undertaking the digital transformation journey.

  1. Build Digital Knowledge
  2. Define Digital Priorities
  3. Establish Organizational readiness
  4. Implement incrementally and iteratively

Zinnov has identified four key dimensions to enable the digital transformation journey namely :

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Technology
  4. Ecosystem

Our report examines how companies are increasingly looking to set up digital labs and centers of excellence to take the next big leap on the digital transformation endeavor.Smart CitiesAbstract:

Zinnov released a POV identifying 100 potential Indian cities that can be transformed into smart cities by 2020.

Our research indicates that by 2020, nearly 17% of the world’s young population would reside in India. The working population is the primary driving factor contributing to the rise of urban population by more than 1.23 times by 2020. Large scale urban population is posing a significant challenge in terms of accommodating the infrastructure requirements of such an expanding population. Governments across the world are addressing these challenges by investing in Smart Cities. These initiatives have multiple long term benefits.

Our report provides a point of view on how the development of Smart cities represents a phenomenal opportunity for technology companies. It provides a view on a select group of 100 Indian cities which are most suitable for the transformation as well as the ecosystem initiatives required to undertake this journey.

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