ENERGY: Indian Demand- Supply Gap

Energy sector in India is one of the most challenging sectors for global players given the presence of large profit making Public Sector Units (PSU) with strong regulatory back up and market presence. As per Energy Information Administration (EIA) India is the sixth largest energy consumer and offers immense potential for foreign investors. Energy industry is considered as the primary driver of Indian economy as it is the major fuel for various industries like power sector, steel, chemical, fertilizers, paper, cement, transport and thousands of burgeoning Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in India. According to recent IBEF estimates this sector contributes about 64% of gross revenues of Government (both Central and State together) through Taxes and Duties. The energy sector comprises of oil, natural gas, coal, petroleum, refined products, electricity and others. Out of these the Oil & Gas industry alone sizes up to USD 110 Bn and constitutes 15% of Indian GDP.

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