Legacy Software Product Modernization for Digital Economy

The imminent need to modernize legacy software products to drive the digital transformation journey of traditional enterprises

August 6, 2015

Santa Clara, USA


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Enterprises running legacy applications that recognize the need to modernize due to numerous causes including:

  1. Cost – The legacy system is extremely expensive and difficult to maintain.
  2. Limitations – The legacy system meets the core needs of the business and clients, but lacks the capability to enhance and update.
  3. Staff – The resources responsible for maintaining the legacy system are dying off. It is a declining skill base where no new developers are being trained.

Enterprises that recognize an increasing gap between IT and the business that is filled with inadequate functionality unable to fulfil current business needs are looking at Legacy Software Product Modernization

Platform, Application, and Database modernization as well as the capabilities to offer additional functionality during the transformation process, optimization of the code, beyond that achieved through updated code languages, and extensive planning, design of the project, and execution.

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