Zinnov’s R&D Global Benchmarking Service to help global stakeholders take informed business decisions

Our R&D Global Benchmarking Study is specially formulated to help global stakeholders of the R&D fraternity make informed business decisions on areas of Research and Development investments and ROI in global markets.

Our benchmarking studies  over the last many years have revealed several insights, which have helped senior leadership teams in these global firms find answers to some very key questions around cost, R&D spend, talent, emerging geographies, engagement models, metrics and productivity.

Based on our interactions with multiple R&D stakeholders and our recently concluded globalization event titled ‘Confluence 2010’ we realized that there are several questions faced by technology companies today around R&D spend, processes, globalization, innovation and emerging market strategies. This new and unique benchmarking model is designed to enable management executives understand their position with respect to the market, assist in taking future business decisions and optimize global operations.

For the 2010 benchmarking study, Zinnov has designed a first-of-its-kind unique benchmarking framework ‘Cube Model’, which will help address critical questions faced by decision makers.

The six dimensions of the cube model include R&D Spend and Revenue Analysis (Research and Development Spend Analysis), Emerging Markets, Globalization (Outsourcing & Offshoring) metrics, Talent Pool and Organization Structure, Cost of Operations (Location based) and Innovation and Processes (Productivity, Agile etc.).

This model enables multi-dimensional benchmarking whose increasing need has been expressed by multiple companies in the recent times. The benchmarking report will also contain industry best practices and recommendations that will enable R&D organizations increase their maturity levels and foster innovation at their global centers.

The benchmarking analysis is expected to include over 40 companies from hi-tech verticals including enterprise & consumer software, telecom/ networking, semiconductors etc. The study will help senior leadership teams to start planning for their next fiscal cycle.

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